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Kerala Shrimp 9.95
Sautéed with ginger, onion, curry leaf, and raw coconut
 Tandoori Chicken Wings 8.95
 Yogurt & spice marinated then clay oven roasted
 Dahi Puri 6.95
 Crispy puffed lentil & chickpea balls with tamarind & yogurt
 Chili Chicken 8.95
 Batter fried chicken breast paired with a mix of sweet pepper, garlic & onion
 Palak Chaat  6.95
 Crispy spinach, chickpeas, onion & tomato with a mint & yogurt sauce
 Hamzan (Hummus & Naan) 6.95
 House made hummus paired with fresh garlic naan
 Cauliflower Bezule 5.95
 Cauliflower sautéed with mustard seed, green chili & curry leaf
Tamarind Eggplant 5.95
 Batter fried eggplant served with tamarind chutney, chaat masala & cilantro
 Bhel Puri  5.95
 Puffed rice noodle, vegetables & a tangy tamarind sauce
 Samosa  4.95
 Savory fried pastry stuffed with potato & peas


Soup & Salad


Mulligatawny 4.95
Classic lentil & vegetable broth
 Murg Shorba  5.95
 Indian style chicken broth made from scratch with aromatic spices
 Garden Salad 4.95
 Fresh mix greens with tomato & English cucumber, topped with fresh lemon & olive oil dressing
Add Chicken +2.00
 Add Shrimp +4.00




Raita   2.95
Spiced cucumber yogurt    
 Lemon Pickle    2.25
 Sautéed fresh lemon with garlic & regional spice blend    
 Mango Chutney   2.95
 Sweet & Sour mango relish    
 Roasted Papad   2.95
 Homemade cracker of Sun dried lentil flour & crushed black pepper    
 Coconut Rice   5.95
 Basmati Rice tempered with coconut, curry leaves, lentils & whole dried red chili    
 Basmati Rice   2.95
 Long, slender grain aromatic rice that is a staple in much of India    




Aromatic spiced basmati rice with yogurt dressing    
  Lamb 17.95
  Shrimp 16.95
  Chicken 14.95
  Vegetable 13.95
Mild & creamy sauce with a hint of fennel    
  Lamb 17.95
  Chicken 14.95
  Vegetable 13.95
Puréed spinach seasoned with garlic & regional spices    
  Lamb 17.95
  Chicken 14.95
  Paneer 13.95
Spicy curry of vinegar & red chilies with potatoes    
  Lamb 17.95
  Chicken 14.95
   Vegetable  13.95
Mango Chicken      15.95
 Boneless, skinless thighs in a traditional mango curry sauce    
 Rogan Josh    17.95
Lamb in a spiced sauce of onion, yogurt, garlic & ginger    



Kadai Curry

Wok fried along with freshly ground spices & bell

Lamb 17.95
Chicken 14.95
Vegetable 13.95
Malabari Curry
Spicy curry of ginger, onion, tomato & fresh coconut milk
Lamb 17.95
Chicken 14.95
Vegetable 13.95
Green Curry (Hara Dhaniya)
A mint, cilantro, and green chili sauce
Lamb 17.95
Chicken 14.95
Vegetable 13.95
Tika Masala
 Spiced tomato sauce with bell pepper
Shrimp  16.95
Chicken 14.95
 Vegetable  13.95
Lamb Madras
A hot & tangy dish of toasted spices in a rich coconut sauce  17.95
Lamb braised in a mild curry sauce of cream, coconut & almonds  17.95
Butter Chicken
Tandoori chicken in a mild tomato cream sauce 15.95



Traditional clay-walled oven

Dishes served with rice & yellow lentils

Mixed Grill 19.95
Combination platter of Lamb Boti Kabon, Malai Shrimp, Lam Shish Kabob & Chicken tika
 Lamb Boti Kabob 17.95
 Cubed Lamb marinated with regional spices
Tandoori Chicken 16.95
Skewered 1/2 chicken marinated with yogurt & regional spices
 Malai Shrimp 16.95
 Marinated in cream, garlic & regional spices
Lamb Shish Kabob  16.95
 Skewer-baked marinated minced lamb
 Chicken Tikka 14.95
Chicken marinated in spices and yogurt


Fresh from the Sea

Dishes served with rice & yellow lentils

Kerala Fish Fry   21.95
 Crispy fried whole Red Snapper with a ginger &
coconut sauce
Goan Curry    15.95
Spicy fish curry of tomatoes & cocnut milk    
Meen Molee    16.95
Fish in a South Indian coconut curry of regional spices    
Laziza Prawn    16.95 
 Shrimp in a creamy garlic curry    


Fresh from the Garden


Malai Kofta   13.95
Vegetable croquette in a creamy onion sauce    
Chole Aloo    12.95
Curried chickpea with potatoes    
Mutter Paneer    12.95
Peas and paneer in a creamy onion sauce with garam masala    
Okra   11.95
Crispy fried baby okra with tomato    
 Alu Gobi    12.95
 Potato and cauliflower sautéed with tomato & green pea    
 Eggplant Bharta    12.95
 Roasted eggplants stewed with tomato, onion, garlic & regional spices    
 Dal Makhani    11.95
 Buttery stewed black lentil    
 Yellow Lentil    10.95
 Yellow  lentil stew with cumin, garlic & onion    




Mixed Bread Basket 7.95
A basket full of naan and roti
 Leavened white flour bread baked in a clay oven
 Classic 2.95
Garlic 3.25
Onion Kulcha 3.25
Cheese 3.95
 Unleavened whole wheat bread baked in a clay oven
 Classic 2.95
Spiced Potato  3.95
 Peshwari Naan  3.95
 Naan stuffed with raisin & mixed nuts



Lassi - Mango, Sweet, or Salty   3.50
Classic Indian yogurt smoothie    
 Mango Juice   2.95
 Iced Herbal Tea du Jour   2.50
 Turmeric Tea (hot)   2.95
 House Made    
 Hand Picked Leaf Teas (hot)   2.50
 Earl Grey    
 Apricot Escape    
 Green Pomegranate    
 Organic Breakfast    
 Masala Chai    
 French Lemon Ginger    
 Ask about our seasonal teas    
 Coffee    2.25
 (free refills)    
 Fountain Sodas from Coke   1.95
 (free refills)    



Brancott Sauvignon Blanc   8/24
Ripe gooseberry notes with stone fruit & melon hints (New Zealand)    
Sula Chenin Blanc   7/21
 Semi-dry with notes of pineapple, pear, & green apple (India)    
Prum Essence Riesling   6/18
 Apricot & peach notes with a hint of pineapple balanced with a racy acidity & mineral notes (Germany)    
 Amado Sur Malbec   9/27
Strawberries & cherries with hints of clove & vanilla (Argentina)    
Chateau St. Jean Pinot Noir   8/24
Cherry & strawberry with vanilla & spice notes (California)    
14 Hands Cabarnet Sauvignon   7/21
Blueberries & currants with hints of dried herbs (Washington)    
Maschio Prosecco   8/24
 Peach & orange blossom notes with a hint of almond (Italy)    



 Hayward 5000   8
 22 oz. Premium Lager, India    
 Taj Mahal   8
 22 oz Premium Lager, India    
 Kingfisher   5
 Pale Lager, India    
 Devil's Backbone   4
 8 point IPA, Lexington, VA    
Devil's Backbone   4
 Vienna Lager, Lexington, VA    
 New Belgium Far Tire   4
 Amber Ale, Fort Collins, CO    
 O'Connor Green Can   4
 Golden Ale, Norfolk, VA    
 Bold Rock   5
 Hard Apple Cider, Nelson County, VA    
 Bud Light   3
 Michelob Ultra   3




Mango Kulfi   3.95
Indian style gelato    
 Gulab Jamun    3.95
 Spongy milk-based dough balls soaked in sweet rose syrup    
 Rasmalai    3.95
 Soft paneer balls immersed in a chilled sweet cream sauce    
 Falooda   4.95
 Indian style parfait of rose syrup, vermicelli, sabja/sweet black basil seeds, & milk    
 Rice Pudding    2.95
 Basmati rice infused with cardamon, milk & sugar    
Halwa    3.25
 Choice of carrot or beet - grated and reduced with raisins, milk, & sugar    
 Ice Cream    3.95
 Trio of Salted Caramel, Vanilla, & Purple Yam (Ube)    
 Halwa & Ice Cream    6.50




Angry Seagull   8
House infused roasted jalapeño gin, ginger beer, bitters & Fresh jalapeño    
Snow on the Beach    6
Bourbon, cold brew coffee, maple syrup, heavy cream & nutmeg    
Kachunmber Cooler    7
Gin, lime, cucumber, green chili, cilantro & Simple syrup    
Tamarind Margarita   6
Tequila, triple sec, lime & orange, simple syrup & tamarind paste    
Malabar Martini   7
Vodka, lime, ginger, curry leaves & simple syrup    
Fire & Ice   6
House infused grilled peach bourbon, sherry, lemon & honey    
Mango Madras   5
Vanilla vodka, amaretto & fresh mango juice    
Coastal Mist   5
 Coconut rum, triple sec & Fresh pineapple juice    
 Sparkling Star    8
 Prosecco, pear nectar, simple syrup, anise & cinnamon    

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